Russian May Holiday Travel

The first and second weeks of May are a big travel period for vacationers in Russia. Russians take trips both domestically and internationally with back-to-back long weekends celebrating May 1st and May 9th – Labor Day and Victory Day.  For many Russians this is a good time to enjoy both long weekends or to take additional days of between to extend their vacation. This past week Russians celebrated Labor Day with a day off and this upcoming weekend is also extended on both Monday and Tuesday to celebrate Victory Day, a holiday commemorating victory over Nazi Germany in WWII.

The most popular destinations Russians tend to travel to for May vacations are usually beach resort areas to experience some warm weather after a long winter. Russians’ overall interests in various destinations depend on the season. During the April-May period, beach resorts along the Mediterranean are very popular spots during this travel period.

Russian May Holiday Travel Destinations Abroad

We consulted a Russian travel site to see what research and suggestions they are offering for the spring holiday season.  They cover 14 places for Russians to go and relax on the beach during their May vacations. The top place to go for May holiday is Morocco. GuruTurizma recommends Morocco as the best destination for it’s warm weather, and the best beaches on the Atlantic coast. Some suggestions beyond sunbathing in swimming include surfing, horseback riding, and golfing.

The second best destination is Israel. Israel offers resorts on the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee with a significant Russian population already living there regularly.  Turkey is the third most popular destination to visit according to GuruTurizma. May is the official beginning of Turkey’s beach season, which has been a popular vacation spot for Russians for some time.

Jordan is comes in 4th place as the spot to visit for May holidays. Jordan includes resorts on both the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, with the opportunity to scuba dive and eco-tourism. Greece is another popular destination to visit. Along with other major European coastal cities, Greece opens for tourist season in the May, as the weather and the water warms up. Other top travel locations for May holiday included Cyprus, Vietnam, Malta, Montenegro, Bulgaria, the Canary Islands, Seychelles, and Maldives.

Russian May Holiday Travel Domestically

Many Russians also travel domestically for the May holiday period. Popular destinations while traveling domestically include Sochi and the Black Sea coast. Further up the coast, Russians can also visit Anapa, well-known as a major resort for Russian families. Russians also can travel to their personal dachas, a small countryside cottage serving as a second home to spend weekends away during the summer months. From April until September many city workers drive out to their dachas to spend weekends growing fruit and vegetables and relaxing with nature, in a bid to escape the noise and stress of the city.

Happy vacationing to all those celebrating this week!