Conduct Russian market surveys to inform your strategy in 2020

Russian Search Marketing regularly publishes information about Russian consumer behavior based on demographics and industry news relevant to companies targeting Russian buyers. But what if you need to gather customer data to know how to solve your specific marketing challenges? Yandex.Vzglyad is a service for creating online surveys in Russian to help you get more specific insights about the Russian market.

Setting up a survey in Yandex.Vzglyad can help you solve the following tasks:

  • evaluate the size of a potential market share
  • conduct an audience survey
  • test a market hypothesis, a product idea, or a product design
  • get feedback on product pricing

Survey respondents are the more than 70 million Russian visitors of Yandex ad network websites. It is possible to select survey respondents based on gender, age, location or interests. You can also use Yandex.Audience segments and CRM contacts.

Survey templates in Yandex.Vzglyad

For a quick survey, you can now use Yandex.Vzglyad survey templates. These templates can contain up to 4 questions (single- and multiple-choice), as well as a numbered scale for evaluations. Templated surveys can bring in results in as little as 2 hours. However, they can go on for up to 5 days depending on the number of questions, desired number of responses and the audience.

Custom Russian market surveys in Yandex.Vzglyad

Yandex.Vzglyad surveys can also be used to conduct larger-scale research with custom surveys.

Here are some examples of use scenarios:

  • brand analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • customer loyalty
  • and much more.

Initial demographics information to prepare your next Russian market survey

If you are just starting out with targeting Russian buyers, you can review Russian Search Marketing articles on Russian internet user demographics:

Some additional information on the online purchasing behavior of Russian buyers in 5 charts and the e-commerce market in Russia can also come in handy for making initial decisions.

To find out more about Russian-language surveys to inform your marketing strategy, you can refer to the Yandex.Vzglyad website (in Russian), or contact our team of bilingual experts for support with your advertising to Russian audiences.