Russian Leisure Sports

Russia is known for their achievements in ice hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, and chess. When it comes to leisure time and physical activity, Russians have a different preference. Some of the most popular leisure sports among Russians include swimming, fishing, and badminton.  These summer activities have driven higher online activity in these categories and increased e-commerce purchases relating to the gear they need for fun vacations!

Russians & Swimming:

While Russians are known for swimming in ice water, swimming in general is a popular Russian leisure sport. Many Russians plan holidays at popular beaches or warm weathered areas to have the chance to swim. Crimea is a popular destination for Russians beacause of the warm weather and beaches. California, Florida, and Mariana Islands are popular abroad destinations for Russians who are also looking for beach destinations and warm vacations. Lakes and rivers in Russia are another popular destination for swimming, such as Lake Onega in the Pudozh District of the Republic of Karelia or the “White Bridges” in on the Calismalari river. According to Yandex.Wordstat swimming receives over 438,311 impressions per month. Other searches related to swimming include inflatable rafts, how to swim, and idle swimming. 

Young boy jumping into lake with arms in the air

Russians & Fishing:

Fishing is the most popular non-competitive amateur sport in Russia. It is especially popular in the warmer months in Russia, although ice fishing in the winter is also extremely popular. This popular Russian water sport is a great way to relax, and accessible to many because of it’s affordable nature. The Biya river in the Altai region is a popular fishing destination. When looking at, the most popular fishing equipment that Russian online shoppers are looking for include sounders, rods, sights, and spearfishing supplies. Fishing clothing and accessories are other popular items Russians are looking for when shopping for fishing equipment.

According to the Yandex.Market page for fishing related goods, many of the top searches relate to fish finders and navigation devices.

yandex market top fishing searches

Due to the popularity of these devices in the fishing category, Yandex even offers a tutorial page for shoppers to provide education on the products and help them pick the right device that fits their needs. Yandex.Market also includes options to help shoppers in other ways in this category like pick the right fishing rod according to what they looking for and how they intend to fish.

yandex market fishing section

Russian & Badminton:

Badminton is very popular leisure sport in Russia, especially because it is convenient to play almost anywhere. Especially when Russians travel to their dachas, which are summer homes and cottages often outside of cities. Russians commonly frequent their dachas during the late spring and summer season. Badminton is also a popular professional sport in Russia. The Russian Open is an international badminton open held in Russia since 1993.

Mother and son playing badminton in the park.

Russian Interest in Professional Sports:

Besides leisure sports, Russians also enjoy playing and watching tennis and soccer. Tennis in Russia is popular both to watch professionally, and play recreationally.  In the last few years, Russians have won 10 grand slams and a Davis cup. While Russia is not known for its soccer, it has become a Russian favorite, and in 2018 Russia will host the World Cup.