Russian Gift Giving: Women’s Day 2016

Yandex.Money, Russia’s leading online payment system, researched the 2016 Russian gift giving expectations for International Women’s Day.  March 8th is a celebration of women, when men recognize and show appreciation for their female family members, friends, and colleagues.  The holiday is celebrated worldwide but especially important in Russia where people observe the public holiday on both March 7th and 8th.

Typically, Russians take advantage of the days off to enjoy time with their family. Gift giving is also a major part of the celebration.  During the February 26th to March 3rd time period, Yandex.Money collected data to better understand what is trending for 2016.  Yandex.Money researched e-Commerce orders that used Yandex.Kassa for the payment system.

According to Yandex.Money research, Russians buy more for Women’s Day on the 8th of March than they do for Men’s Day, which is the 23rd of February. The amount of online orders for Women’s Day proved to be twice as much as those for Men’s Day.  This year it appears that users are planning to celebrate the holiday at home as there were no significant increases in plane or train tickets for this time period.

One of the most popular goods this year for Women’s Day is books.  Leading up to women’s day sales on online book stores doubled. Flowers and sweets are also a major categories for Russian gift giving on Women’s Day. Starting on the 2nd of March, orders for flowers grew two to five times while orders for treats grew 1-6 times.

Some women receive more expensive gifts like smartphones, jewelry, and handbags. At the end of February, sales for electronics and home appliances grew 20-30%.  The number of shoppers on online platforms selling jewelry increased up to 30%, while sites for bags and accessories grew 1.5 to 2 times larger.

On the eve of March 8th, the most popular categories for last minute shoppers include jewelry, hand crafted items, and cosmetics  (as indicated by these purchases growing two to five times from various retailers).  Yandex.Money took note of an additional 30% growth in these categories on March 7th.

Russians order from both domestic and international websites but the shopping period for women’s day showed an increased interest in Chinese e-Commerce sites.  During the last week of February, sales doubled from Chinese online stores.

For Russians who can’t decide what to give women in their lives, money is becoming a popular gift option too. According to Yandex.Money research, 76% of the 2000 users surveyed said they would welcome the gift of money and 60% said they have given money a few times a year.

Traditionally, Russians give flowers and chocolates on this holiday but as indicated in this research, the holiday has evolved to include a wider range of gift options.  Happy International Women’s Day!