Russian Fashion Market Research: Major Rise in Interest in Athletic Brands

Yandex analysts recently published an updated version on their the Russian fashion market industry for the 2015-2016 year showing major growth and increased mobile activity. In the past year, user interest in online fashion shopping has increased 20% on desktops and 167% on mobile devices. Online fashion shopping is defined as online shopping for clothing, shoes, accessories, and underwear. This blog reviews the overall growth in categories and focuses on a competitive analysis of athletic brands, an increasingly important aspect of Russian fashion and eCommerce.

Over the past year clothing has had the largest queries share on desktops and mobile devices, making up 59% of all fashion queries.  Another major fashion category Russians search for is shoes. Over the past year shoes have had the second largest amount of queries shared on desktops and mobile devices, making up almost a quarter of all fashion queries shared. User interest in shoes increased 21% on desktops, and 77% on mobile devices in 2016. Footwear actually plays a very important and noticeable role in Russian fashion culture. Russians really take great pride in their footwear, especially keeping shoes clean and in new condition. User interest in athletic shoes increased 43% on desktops, and 136% on mobile devices over the past year, standing out from the overall numbers on shoes. Athletic wear continues to be an extremely popular category in Russia, as Russians are getting more into their health and fitness routines than they have been historically. User interest in sport clothing increased 16% on desktops, and 134% on mobile devices this past year. The following section outlines the competiting brands in Russia to give readers a better idea on the dynamics in the Russian online fashion market.

Popular Athletic Brands for Russian Fashion

Th most popular athletic wear brands in Russia mirror European fashion interests, including Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and Puma. Adidas’ user interest has increased the most out of those brands in the last year but has historically been a trusted brand in Russia. Queries regarding Adidas have increased by 21% on desktops, and 109% on mobile devices. Nike is the second most popular sport brand Russians are searching. User queries related to Nike increased by 15% on desktops, and 69% on mobile devices. Reebok comes in third place, as the most searched athletic wear brand, with a query interest increase of 28% on desktops and 124% on mobile device. Other popular sport brands this past year include Asics, New Balance, Umbro, Joma, and Lotto.

User interest in sport clothing has increased over the past year, and is not surprising considering that Russians have been getting more into their health and fitness routines recently.  Every major athletic brand in Russia but Umbro saw an increase according to Yandex research.  The growth on mobile device searches shows a dramatically higher increase in interest for all brands compared to the desktop searches. Combined the brand successes indicate the overall growth of the Russian internet market and their rising trust in eCommerce.

Russian Search Marketing looks forward to publishing all the data for the fashion market research report in the coming future!