Russian eCommerce Student Shopping 2015 v 2016

Yandex.Market, Russia’s top online comparison shopping site, recently compiled research on the change in demand and prices for Russian eCommerce student shopping during the back to school period.  The research looks at the most popular categories for back to school shopping and compares the demand and price change from the 2015 shopping period.

Interest in children’s clothes and shoes, office supplies, computer desks and chairs began to grow during the second half of July. Since then these categories increased every week leading up to school. Demand for technology products , computers, laptop, and printers, also grew but less aggressively than other categories.

The average prices of some of the most popular back to school goods dropped slightly during the summer shopping period.  For example, the price of girl’s shoes at the end of August dropped by 2%  compared to the value at the beginning of June. On the contrary, the price of boy’s shoes increased by 1% during that time period. Laptops also fell by 2% in price, while computer chairs decreased by 6%. back to school page

While some categories dropped for sales, one of the most popular categories in the back to school section, children’s clothing, increased for shoppers. Girl’s clothing rose by 28%, while the cost of boy’s clothing rose by 39%

When comparing the demand and price dynamics from the 2015 back to school shopping period, the dynamics are opposite of this year’s. Since last year clothing and shoe prices decreased or didn’t change at all, while the cost of office furniture and tech products rose.   Girl’s clothing prices fell by 13% , but for boy’s only by 1%.  Computer desks and chairs are now more expensive than they were a year ago at this time, by 10%. Laptops have increased by more than 20%.

There was fluctuation by category but overall prices rose for office and tech supplies. In 2015, to purchase an entire set of office furniture supplies and tech goods, it would cost an average of 59,300 rubles or $922 USD based on last year’s average prices. This value was sufficient for a laptop, printer, light computer desk and chair. To make all those purchases this year would cost an additional 15,000 rubles or $233 USD. The price change could be due to inflation, that currently stands at around 15% in Russia.

To check out some of the top categories and prices for Russian eCommerce student shopping, visit Yandex.Market, where you will not only see product listings but tips and suggestions for making the most suitable purchases.