Russian eCommerce Logistics 2016

As published earlier this week, Yandex Market and GfK Rus studied the recent developments on the Russian online shopping market, including Russian eCommerce logistics. The data found is based on the results of a survey given to Russian online shoppers in September 2016. Russian search marketing reviewed shoppers’ preferences for foreign and domestic ecommerce sites and the top items purchased online throughout the year.

This blog covers the research on the logistical aspects of Russian online shopping that will help retailers prepare and improve their offers for the Russian market. As any global player will tell you, online retailers need to adjust for each individual market and Russia is no different. In order to successfully transition into a foreign market, it is important to take note of customer demographics, common retail habits and preferences, and common practices of both local and foreign retailers of each market. This blog helps eretailers considering or in the Russian market learn more about the expectations Russians have for payments, shipping methods, and devices they use.

How Russians pay for online orders

Last year, 2016 was the first year that paying with credit card has been more popular than cash payment upon delivery. 71% of survey respondents said they paid for their online purchase with credit card at least once this past year.  68% of respondents said they paid with cash upon delivery. While this method is becoming less popular in the last few years, payment upon delivery is a very common and popular Russian online shopper method, which is never really seen in the United States so many aren’t familiar.


Delivery methods often vary between cities, mostly because it depends on the stores Russians have access to shop at locally, rather than online. In smaller towns and cities in most popular delivery method is mail. While in a city such as Moscow, shoppers prefer local shops and often use courier delivery.

Russians’ Preferred Shipping methods

In Moscow the most popular shipping method is courier. Pick-up delivery is the most popular method in cities with over 500,000 inhabitants. In smaller cities, 100,000-500,000 inhabitants, Russian post is the most popular shipping method.


Russian Online Shopping Device Preference

The most popular way for Russian online shoppers to make a product selection is on a desktop. The second most popular way is on a smartphone. Russian online shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to check-out on their desktops. As seen below, it’s common for shoppers to browse products on their mobile devices but make purchases on their desktops.



Russian online shoppers have different preferences on shipping methods, as seen by the multiple options that are preferred in small to big Russian cities. These options range from courier to picking up your purchase. Russian online shoppers mostly do their shopping on their desktops, but the convenience and growing reliance on smartphones makes it the second most popular device to shop on. In addition to adjusting these aspects, eCommerce players should of course be aware of all the other aspects of localization including language on their website and local call centers for their customers.