Russian eCommerce Delivery Methods 2016

Russia eCommerce delivery methods are shifting as online shopping continues to grow and more consumers are turning to the Internet to make their purchases.  According to eMarketer, eCommerce sales are expected to grow by 19% over the next year.  Within three years online sales in Russia are expected to jump from $22.5 billion to $35 billion.

Russia’s overall Internet growth has likely sparked more eCommerce activity but users are also becoming more comfortable with the concept of online shopping and online retailers are offering better logistics to make online shopping reliable. Typically, cash-on-delivery has been the most trusted and common method for Russians to receive their online purchases. However, more recently Russians are using other more modern payment methods and delivery options.

For international eCommerce players, considering the logistics of shipping to shoppers across such a big country is important to consider in terms of warehouse locations and shipping options. Unlike Chinese shoppers, who expect items in a day, Russian shoppers wait for a standard delivery of 1-10 days.  When an item is being delivered to a major city where the store or warehouse is located, one day options are available but wait times grow longer for addresses across Russia.  Delivery is typically offered to Russians free of charge but sometimes includes fees based on shipping method.

Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, recently conducted research on the top delivery methods by Russian region.  In addition to courier delivery, Russians also have options for self pick-up, automated parcel terminals, private delivery, and Russian post.

As seen below, self-pick up and delivery by courier are very popular Russian eCommerce delivery methods. However, options vary by location.

Russian ecommerce delivery methods 2016

Since last year there has been significant growth in the share of online buyers who used Russian Post for delivery. For the first time, they outnumber those who chose delivery by courier. Demand for Russian Post’s services is especially high in smaller cities. There is gradual growth in the number of people who picked up their orders from automated parcel terminals, from 38% in 2014 to 40% in 2015. Courier services remain the most popular delivery method in Moscow and Yekaterinburg.