Russian Celebrations for Women’s Day on March 8th

Now that Men’s Day is behind the Russians, everyone is gearing up for the women.  Many are familiar with International Women’s Day on March 8th but not everyone celebrates quite like the Russians!

Although the holiday is internationally recognized, Russians observe the day with a very special appreciation for the female relatives, friends, and colleagues in their lives.  Men recognize the women in their lives by giving them gifts and more certainly, giving them flowers.  The holiday is the 6th most popular occasion for gift-giving in Russia and of course, is a day off from work so people can celebrate.

Yandex top gift giving occasions


Popular Russian Keywords for International Women’s Day:

A number of keywords are important for the upcoming holiday.  Users mainly refer to the holiday as the 8th of March and then a number of variations for the type of women in their lives (mom, daughter, loved one, friend).  Thematic keywords for the holiday also include searches like “How to spend the 8th of March?” (Как провести 8 марта?).  Users also need help finding the right gift for someone and popularly search “Что подарить на 8 марта?” (What to give on the 8th of March?).

The following keywords should give you a strong sense of the types of keywords Yandex users are entering to prepare for Women’s Day celebrations:

  • 8 марта (8th of March)
  • праздник 8 марта (Holiday 8th of March)
  • международный женский день (International Women’s Day)
  • женский день (Women’s Day)
  • подарки +на 8 марта (gifts for 8th of March)
  • подарок +на 8 марта руками (Handmade Gifts for 8th of March)
  • подарок маме +на 8 марта (Gifts for mom for 8th of March)
  • детский подарок +на 8 марта (Children’s Gifts for the 8th of March)
  • купить (buy) +саtegory name (e.g. купить духи (perfumes))

Friendly Ad Copy Reminder:

Instead of wishing someone a “Happy Holiday,” directly translated, Russians say, “Congratulations with the holiday!” Often times the phrase is shortened and someone will either say “Congratulations” or simply “with the holiday” “with birthday” or “with Women’s day.” Therefore, the term “congratulations” is going to get you a bit further than “happy.”  Also, did you know Russians don’t capitalize months? Nope. No uppercase M for March- it’s march.

Rules for Women’s Day Flowers:

Since flowers are a Women’s Day essential and queries for flower shops peak in March, Russian Search Marketing included a bit of cultural advice on flowers too.

yandex search by month4

Every Russian knows that flowers must be given in odd numbers! Even amount of flowers are given for funerals. However, there is an exception to the rule if a man gives a women more flowers than she can count!

The color of the flower is also important. Yellow flowers signify betrayal and the end of a relationship – if you are advertising with an image, definitely don’t use yellow flowers! Men will given women red flowers to signify love and romance – the darker the flower, the greater the passion.  Light pink flowers and white flowers are a great gesture for friends or colleagues.