Russian Back to School Blog 2015

September 1 marks the celebrations for Russia’s “Day of Knowledge” and first day back to school.  The first and last days of school are celebrated with special ceremonies across Russia and the former Soviet Union widely known as the first bell and last bell.  Students come to school in their new back-to-school outfits bringing treats, small presents, and flowers to their teachers to show their appreciation.

Leading up to the big day, parents prep for their children’s return to school by purchasing new clothes and school supplies. This year before the first bell rings, Russian Search Marketing is providing retailers with analytics for some of the most popular purchases. The next few weeks mark the back-to-school prep period and increase in online searches and purchases for a number of items.  Below offers readers a good sense of the Russian online school shopping scene!

Russian Online School Purchases

Yandex.Market, Russia’s top eCommerce aggregator launched a special back to school page this week to help both parents and students prepare for the 2015 school year.  The major categories on the Yandex.Market page include:

  • school supplies
  • student electronics
  • training materials for children
  • goods for hobbies and research
  • student chairs and desks
  • computer chairs and desks
  • clothes for girls
  • clothes for boys
  • shoes for girls
  • shoes for boys

In addition to the basic school supplies and clothes parents have been purchasing for decades, electronics and special course material are now popular items among students. Desks and chairs are also useful categories on Yandex.Market for teachers, schools, parents, and after-school programs. Within each of these categories, users are presented with a number of products to help buy everything on their back to school shopping lists.

Yandex Market back to school

Top Russian Searches for Back-to-School

The Yandex research analyts selected a few items from the major categories to highlight in this Russian back to school blog. The below items see a higher search volume during late August and early September. The top relevant queries for each selected item are included to help retailers with their keyword selection and getting a better sense of the different popular Russian search queries.

Backpacks are one of the most obvious purchases for students getting ready for the school year. According to Yandex.Wordstat, book bag searches peak during August but users begin their searches in July.

Yandex keywords for backpacks:

  • школьный рюкзак – school backpack
  • ранец – satchel/backpack
  • рюкзак для мальчика – backpack for boy
  • рюкзак для девочки – backpack for girls
  • рюкзак школа -backpack for school

Russian backpack searches

Stationary has an exceptionally strong increase during the back-to-school shopping period.  Users search for a number of different products that they will need for the academic year. The keyword list shows the example below.

Yandex keywords for stationary:

  • канцелярские товары -stationary
  • пеналы -pencil cases
  • тетради -notebooks
  • обложки для книг -book covers
  • обложки для тетрадей -notebook covers

Russian searches for stationary

Besides to prepping for school supplies, students typically return to school with new outfits. Students tend to dress up a bit more than in some Western countries.

Yandex keywords for children’s shoes:

  • детская обувь -girls shoes
  • обувь для мальчиков -shoes for boys
  • обувь для девочек -shoes for girls
  • обувь для подростков -shoes for teenagers
  • обувь для школы -shoes for school

Back to school shoes for children

Similarly, searches for kids’ clothing are more common during July, August, and September when parents are looking for new clothing for their children.

Yandex keywords for children’s clothing:

  • одежда для школьника -clothes for pupil
  • одежда для подростка -clothes for teenager
  • штаны для школьника -pants for pupil
  • штаны для подростка -pants for teenager
  • кофты для школьника -sweatshirts for pupil
  • кофты для подростка -sweatshirts for teenager
  • блузки для школьника -blouses for pupil
  • блузки для подростка -blouses for teenager
  • рубашки для школьника -t-shirts for pupil
  • рубашки для подростка -t-shirts for teenager
  • платье для школьника -dress for pupil

Russian searchs for childrens clothing

In addition to the typical items most purchase for the upcoming academic year, many also search for cell phones for children.  Similar to parents in other countries, Russians are supplying their children with cell phones for safety and communication.  Parents specifically search for appropriate phones for school children.  The increase in search volume for cell phones likely correlates with the school year because as students advance to higher classes, parents give them more responsibility.

Yandex keywords for cell phones for children:

  • сотовый телефон для ребенка -cell phone for child
  • сотовый телефон для школьника -cell phone for pupil
  • смартфон для ребенка -smartphone for child
  • смартфон для школьника -smartphone for pupil
  • смартфон для подростка -smartphone for teenager
  • мобильный для школьника -mobile for pupil
  • мобильный для ребенка -mobile for child
  • мобильный для подростка -mobile for teenager

Russian searches for cell phones children

Retailers and eCommerce players in the Russian market should plan campaigns for the Russian back to school period and explore the options to run display ads on Yandex.Market. Although this blog only provided a few key examples to show the search shifts at the end of the summer, advertisers should also prepare campaigns for a number of other goods that can easily be identified on Yandex.Market.