Runet 2016 Updated Facts on Russian Mobile Internet Users

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and Russia is not an exception. Mobile devices are a simple way for Russian’s to access the internet, especially on the go. Approximately 19% of Russians only use their mobile phone to access the Internet, compared to 52% of Russians who use both computers and mobile devices to access the Internet. Computers are still a popular way for Russians to access the internet, but mobile devices offer convenient and affordable access always, compared to a stationary desktop computer.  This blog on Russian mobile Internet users covers the latest research on Russian mobile phone use, demographics, device preferences, and cost of connectivity.

russian internet device use

According to eMarketer, 80.3% of Russians will use Internet on their mobile phone in 2016.  There is also a greater amount of shares of Russian visits to websites using mobile phones than tablets.

mobile traffic in russia

Russians use their mobile devices to access the Internet more often than desktops and Android tablets. Shown below, Android smartphones are used most often when looking at the length of weekly website visits by device.  Android devices tend to be more popular in Russia due to their affordability.

length of ru website visits by device

Clearly, Russians are more likely to access the Internet using their mobile device than a tablet. Desktop computers are mobile devices biggest competitor when it comes to how Russians access the Internet.

Russian mobile Internet users by age:

The majority of Russian mobile Internet users are younger. Most of the Russian mobile Internet users are between the ages of 18 to 24. The second largest amount of Russian mobile Internet users are between the ages of 12 to 17. The third largest amount of Russian mobile Internet users falls between the ages of 24 to 34. Younger people are more commonly using mobile devices because their generation has grown up with technology, and there is increasing popularity with keeping up with social media on their devices.

russian mobile user age distribution

Top Mobile Devices in Russia:

Java, Symbian, and bada use has decreased and become outdated in the last three years. As a result, the use of both Android and Windows smartphones has increased steadily. The use iOS smartphones has remained the same. For the first time last year in Russia the Android tablet use was greater than iOS use.

russian mobile distribution of website visits

There are a greater number of website visits by iOS devices compared to Android devices. Although android devices website visits has been steadily increasing over the last three years. This is due to the more affordable prices android phones offer for Russians.

russian mobile website visits by phone and tablet

The cost of mobile Internet in Russia:

Russian mobile Internet plans differ from the way we purchase plans in the United States. Russians pay for minutes or a data plan.  Below are the typical costs of plans based on Russian regions. Clearly there are varying amounts of included data in plans based on the location. These cost changes impact how Russians are using the Internet across the country.

russian tablet mobile internet

Overall, the growth of mobile Internet in Russia is having a strong impact on RuNet.  Russian mobile Internet users will continue to influence the direction of online businesses. Only 18% of Russian websites were optimized for mobile users last quarter. Following Yandex SEO updates focused on mobile pages, more webmasters will adjust for the growing mobile audience and the Yandex ranking factors.