Yandex Research: Russian Men’s Day Gift Giving for February 23rd

The Yandex research team recently conducted research on Russian Men’s Day commonly referred to by the date February 23rd.  The holiday is also called “Red Army Day” or the “Day of Fatherland Defenders,” in celebration of those who have served in the Russian Armed Forces. However, the holiday has also evolved into a more general celebration for men in Russia that is highly commercialized and known as “Men’s Day.”

The holiday is celebrated nationawide and is one of the most popular gift giving holidays of the year.  The Yandex research team polled users on the upcoming holiday asking about their shopping patterns, spend, and gifts.  The poll was conducted from the 12th-16th of February 2018 with apprxiamtely 2000 respondents in Russia age 18 to 55. The below graphics show results from the recent research on the holiday.

The research showed that 86% of women plan to buy gifts for men on this holiday but also that 56% of men plan to congratulate fellow men on the holiday as well.

Russians start shopping for the holiday a few weeks in advance but the majority wait until the last minute.

On average men and women plan to spend similar amounts on gifts for the holiday.

Most women will give men toiletries for the holiday, which some joke is the day of shaving cream.

While many women plan to give men toiletries and clothes, research showed that men actually would prefer money and electronics.

To further help advertisers, Yandex also recently conducted research on some of the top keywords for “what to give?” relating to both February 23rd and the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th, which can be downloaded in Russian here.