Research on Russian Digital TV: Major Growth Expected

Two weeks ago at the 12th annual MWC, we heard more on digital TV,  including commitments to improve and increase mobile viewing from both Netflix and  Eurosport’s owner, Discovery in relation to the 2022 Olympic games. On demand viewing and the mobility of digital TV have stolen viewers away from traditional TV. Accessibility to more shows and movies has also helped this industry grow. Of course Internet penetration and smartphones have influenced how digital TV plays out in different markets.

Recently, Digital TV Research Limited looked into paid subscription video-on-demand use in the Russian and Eastern European Region from 2015 to 2016, in addition to offering predictions for 2021. Their research covers the number of subscribers in the area, as well as the top subscription platforms in the region.

Russian Paid SVOD Subscribers

Russia leads Eastern Europe with the most paid SVOD subscribers for both 2015 and 2016. In 2015 Russia had 1.65 million paid SVOD subscribers followed by Poland with 1.17 million subscribers. In 2016 Russia had 2.48 million paid SVOD subscribers, Poland followed again with 1.75 subscribers. Looking at the rest of the countries in this region, Russia and Poland lead with an overwhelming amount of users. By 2021, Russia will have 9.17 million paid SVOD subscribers nearly growing 550%. Poland is expected to have 2.99 subscribers, with a much less significant expected jump in subscriber numbers than Russia from 2016 to 2021.

emarketer grapic SVOD 1

In 2015, overall the Russian and Eastern European region had 3.33 million paid SVOD subscribers. In 2016 the region had 5.58 million subscribers overall. Russia has not only the largest number of subscribers, but also has made the biggest jump in subscriber numbers in the region. Russia acquired 800,000 subscribers from 2015-2016. Poland the second largest subscriber audience acquired 600,000 subscribers during that time period.  According to eMarketer, by 2021 it is predicted that all of Western Europe will have about 54 million SVOD subscriptions.

Popular Russian Paid SVOD Platforms

Aside from subscribers, their top platforms are an important aspect of the market to note. The top 5 SVOD platforms in Russia and Eastern Europe include both foreign and local platforms Netflix, IVi,, Okko, and Ipla. Netflix is the top platform, and is predicted to have 3.5 million subscribers in Central and Eastern Europe by 2021. Ivi follows Netflix, and is predicted to have 2.4 million subscribers by 2021. According to eMarketer, Ivi is a Seattle based platform, but has a large audience in Eastern Europe. is an Eastern European platform that comes in third place. It is predicted to have 1.3 million subscribers by 2021. Okko is a Russian based SVOD platform that comes in fourth place, and is predicted to have 1.1 million subscribers by 2021.

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This region still also relies on other local TV stations that stream their content online in addition to local social media site, Vkontakte that also is well known for its media content.