Recently Released Yandex.City Ready to Dominate Russian City Guide Market

Navigating Russia is never an easy task, even for Russians. The new city guide application launched by Yandex will make this easier than ever before. Mobile customers on iOS and Android phones and web users now have access to Yandex.City for local searches.  Yandex.City aggregates user reviews on restaurants, shops, and businesses and then conveniently plots the results on a map based on the interests of users.

Search results can be filtered down to business type, location, specific services offered, hours of operation (including 24/7 businesses), promotions or sales, and accepted forms of payment.

Yandex.City also gives users access to photos, comments, reviews, and an option to rate the specified search results.  These user contributions generate a comprehensive online “word of mouth” that all Yandex.City users can trust.

Finally, Russians have a more useful alternative to Foursquare,, and Google services, which remain small with limited results.  By utilizing the largest database of user reviews, Yandex.City currently covers 17 urban areas.  Through 70 partnering review sites of Yandex, Yandex.City users are sure to find the necessary information for needs like a new nail salon or a better auto mechanic in their neighborhood.

Not only is Yandex.City great for meeting the daily needs of users but it offers yet another method to attract local customers to businesses.  When our partner companies provide information about their businesses, Yandex also includes this information in Yandex.City in addition to Yandex.Search and Yandex.Maps for desktop users and Yandex.Navigation and Yandex.Maps for mobile customers.

Yandex customers in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey can look forward to accessing the relevant and locally tailored results of Yandex.City.