Prepping for a Russian Wedding Online

Most wedding traditions follow a similar structure as far as the formal attire, ceremony, and receptions go. However, from country to country, there are distinct variations in some of the styles and celebrations that make wedding traditions unique for different cultures and religions.  In Russia, there is a small wedding ceremony followed by a reception with family and friends.

The bride gets ready with the help of her female family members and bridesmaids, and of course, has manicured nails and a special hair do.  The bride wears a white dress and carries a bouquet.  The wedding party is dressed formally but not necessarily in matching attire.  Usually the bridesmaids make announcements and have a planned speech to address the groom when he arrives.  After greeting the bride and delivering her bouquet, the two then enter the ceremony together.  During the ceremony the couple will exchange rings and sign the marriage certificate to make everything official.  Couples are officially married at ЗАГС, similar to a city hall, and then decide whether to also have a ceremony in the church.

Traditionally, after the ceremony the wedding party  proceeds to travel throughout the local area for the bride and groom to take a series of pictures at beautiful locations. Although this is becoming less common these days.  Sometimes a Russian wedding party decorates cars and notifies the public of the marriage by beeping and cheering from the cars.  A reception takes place at a restaurant or hall where singing and dancing persists late into the night.  Guests drink champagne (and other beverages) and make toasts to the newly married couple.  Russians typically give money and gifts to help the newlyweds start their life together.

Yandex analysts recently compiled data on the top wedding searches from Russian users to see how Russians prepare for the big day online.  Russians search for everything they need for a wedding online, entering millions of queries on Yandex every month.  Wedding queries peak in July and August as users prep for their upcoming big events in the fall.  The average wedding preparation time is approximately 2 months but some may take up to six months to plan a wedding.

Users search for wedding dresses the most.  Dresses make up 25% of all women’s fashion queries on Yandex, making it the biggest fashion category for women.  Wedding dresses are the top search in the dresses category, averaging over 900,000 queries per month – almost double all other dress types searched on Yandex.  Russian also commonly turn to Yandex to find the boutiques and wedding shops in addition to decorations for the wedding.


The following combinations of colors and style tell us a bit more about wedding themes and styles in Russia.  By clicking on the different combinations, you’ll get a good sense about some of the wedding styles users search online.

Blue is the most popular color searched for weddings.  To be more specific, Tiffany blue themed weddings, which are popular in many locations, prove to be a trending search for Russian brides.  Rustic weddings and a number of other creative themes are also quite common for Yandex users.  Some even  incorporate the “Love is” comic strip into their big day.