Popular search queries and website traffic in Russia in early 2020

Trending and not-so-popular search queries, and the most popular website categories based on traffic volume in March and early April 2020

In this post you’ll find a summary of 2 recent Yandex articles on early 2020 search queries and website traffic in Russia (if you’re looking for ways to optimize ads for keywords, you can find some ideas here and here).

Popular search queries: trends in March and early April 2020

When compared to search queries for the 3rd week of January 2020, when Russians got back to their usual routines after celebrating New Year and Christmas, there are some noticeable changes in search trends.

Here are some examples of changes in early 2020 search queries in Russia:

  • Volume went down for: “How to tie a tie,” “metro map,” “buy a skirt,” “buy a suitcase,” “Airbnb,” “blablacar,” “classes for kids,” “fever reducers for kids,” “driving lessons,” “swimming pool cap.”
  • Volume went up for: “what to do…,” “delivery,” “X Box,” “what to read…,” “Minecraft,” “buy a bread machine,” “buy an exercise bicycle,” “Zoom,” “Steam,” “what to do with kids,” “how to organize your workplace,” “Coursera,” “learn to draw,” “barbells,” “how to do pushups,” “how to make pizza,” “how to cook burgers,” “how to make cappuccinos,” “how to cut your own hair,” “learn to juggle,” “baking bread at home.”

To find out more about search query trends, you can refer to this Yandex article (in Russian).

Popular website categories in March and early April 2020

Top content categories in March and early April (search queries and website traffic for websites in the following categories grew):

  • online entertainment: video, music streaming services, and movies
  • websites in online gaming and video game categories
  • news websites
  • online stores selling sports and exercise equipment
  • food delivery services
  • recipe websites
  • educational websites for school-aged kids
  • online education for adults
  • book stores
  • cosmetics (even more so than before “gendered” holidays, such as March 8th)
  • real estate in the countryside (both construction and purchasing)
  • gardening and planting (typical for this period of time, when Russians prepare to go back to their dachas)

Click here to review graphs with search trends, and read the full Yandex article in Russian.

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