Advertising by Platform

There are many familiar platforms available for advertising to Russians. As is necessary when communicating to any new audience, each platform for engagement requires unique considerations. This section will provide information on Yandex SEO and Yandex SEM, as well as Mobile in Russia and Russian Social media.

  • Yandex SEO

    Yandex is one of only three global search engines, so optimizing your site for Yandex Search should be a consideration when targeting the Russian market. SEO Yandex

  • Yandex SEM

    Yandex equips online marketers with all the tools they need to effectively target and convert their audience.

  • Mobile Advertising

    The Russian Mobile Market is exploding and with so much untapped potential, unprecedented growth is expected in the approaching years.

  • Social Media

    Russian Internet users spend 40% of their online time on social media sites! However, the social media scene in Russia isn’t dominated by the same players as much of the rest of the world.