Online video ads in Russia: tips from marketing experts

An interview with 3 online marketing experts on finding the best way to engage online video ad viewers and be relevant on the Russian market

According to Nielsen data for 2018, online video ads in Russia have a ROI of nearly 200%. In this interview published by Yandex (available in Russian here), Andery Danskov (creative director, GREAT), Grigoriy Nemchenko (head of digital communications department, Media Direction Digital), and Oksana Ormanji (project group head, brandformance agency WhileMobile) share their stories of successful online video campaigns and discuss trends in Russia.


Differences between online video ads and traditional TV ads in Russia

Andery Danskov points out that online video ads enable advertisers to retarget viewers and create multi-touchpoint stories, as well as use gamification and interactive ads to drive engagement. In one of the marketing campaigns, online video ads were a starting point for a retargeting campaign with banner ads continuing the storyline from the ad.

Grigoriy Nemchenko highlights he fact that online ads are easily skipped, and therefore advertisers need make a bigger effort to engage their audience.

According to Oksana Ormanji, it’s worthwhile to make online video ads shorter, create multi-ad storylines, make your ads interactive, as well as run A/B tests to select the highest-performing ads to move forward.


Online video ads: sales-oriented ads vs image advertising

All three experts agree that the two types of ads should be different, with image ads being driven by emotions, and sales-oriented ads being driven by rational arguments in favor of taking action.

Andery Danskov recommends thinking through the opening of the video ad to make sure you can hook the viewer.

Grigoriy Nemchenko believes that online video ads should follow a more complex narrative than TV ads, given the advantages the medium offers, and agrees that sales-oriented ads and image ads require two different approaches to storytelling.

Oksana Ormanji provided 2 examples of the differing approaches to sales-oriented ads  vs image ads.


Online advertising in Russia: types of ads trending in Russia in 2020

Andery Danskov points out two trends:

  • absurd video ads
  • “nostalgia” ads styled after the 1990’s in Russia

At the same time, storytelling as a global trend is also becoming more prominent in Russia.

Grigoriy Nemchenko points out that emotionally charged ads are becoming more and more popular (the following Module Bank ad being one example), as is working with Russian celebrities or influencers.

Oksana Ormanji points out that personalized content is a sure way to attract an ad viewer’s attention. Another trend she has noticed is ACMP-content, with the following example. Lastly, she suggests breaking the rules and “best practices” frameworks to stand out.


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