Digital advertising opportunities during November holidays in Russia

Use Yandex data on search queries and user behavior to capitalize on Unity Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2019

In addition to celebrating Unity Day, a national holiday in Russia, Russian consumers are looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2019. We wrote about the way Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming the start of the Russian holiday shopping season.

Now with the most recent research on search trends in 2018 (in Russian here), you can update your marketing strategy to capitalize on advertising opportunities during the upcoming November holiday season and beyond.

November holidays in Russia: Unity Day opportunities

Unity Day is a federal holiday in Russia. In 2019, it’s Monday, November 4. As Russians get time off to celebrate this holiday, search queries reflect changes in their behavior.

For example, in the days leading up to the holiday, the most popular searches are centered around preparing for the holidays (renovation, cleaning up, trips, excursions).

During the Unity Day holiday stretch, Russians focus on entertainment (cinemas, oceanariums, etc.).

At the same time, they spend more time on websites with entertaining content. As a result, they are exposed to more banners and other types of digital ads.

Interestingly, the holiday period also becomes a prime period for car maintenance and construction- and renovation-related shopping.

In terms of shopping, geolocation is likely to be the most effective way to target your audience during the Unity Day holiday weekend. Hypermarkets and malls become the most visited venue – perhaps due to the unfriendly November weather. Another way to escape snowy sludge is to see a movie (+46% growth in search queries).

At the same time, parents are looking for ways to entertain their kids. People with more free time choose to spend holidays on personal development, from e-learning courses (+33% in search queries) to hitting the gym (+4% in search queries for fitness).

Black Friday search queries start early

Interestingly, the first spike of searches for Black Friday deals is in early November, at the beginning of November holidays.

Most likely this is due to the fact that Russian users are planning their purchases and preparing their shopping lists in advance.

If your business is offering a Black Friday sale in Russia, consider creating a segment of discount seekers to retarget when Black Friday finally comes.


Yandex data on daily volume of “Black Friday” search queries across all devices in October-December 2018

Yandex data on daily volume of “Black Friday” search queries across all devices in October-December 2018

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