New Plans for Ad Layouts on Yandex SERP

Recently, Yandex announced new ad layouts on the Yandex SERP. Yandex is planning to expand the variety of ad layouts and their placement on the Yandex SERP, which will algorithmithly be selected and varied depending on a number of factors that will lead to optimal results for both the user and advertisers. These factors include each users’ needs, given query, and competitors ads among others.

Starting in April, Yandex will offer new pricing in the Yandex Direct interface and API to make the auction more transparent.  The cost of ads will no longer be calculated by entry positions but for the expected additional traffic volume of a bid.  Ad quality and predicted CTR will still be factored into the pricing.  With the change advertisers will see prices for traffic volume instead of prices for specific ad positions.

To learn more about these upcoming changes, visit the Yandex advertising blog.