Mobile Matters: Russian E-Commerce and the Smartphone World

Quite obviously we use our phones to communicate, travel, and read the news but phones are growing increasingly important to search for products and make online purchases.  When people are on the move, they aren’t neglecting the e-Commerce world.

The popularity of smartphones is continuously impacting online shopping in Russia. To start, strong smartphone penetration has opened the Russian people up to the opportunity to make their online purchases on a different platform.  As a percentage of the total population, smartphone penetration in Russia stood at 36% according to a January 2014 report.

Without surprise, 93% of Russian smartphone users turn to their phone to search for local information.  Going a step further we learn that 82% of smartphone users research products on their phone.  For many of you e-Commerce players, most importantly, 39% of smartphone users have actually made an online purchase on their mobile device.

As more and more Russians start using smartphones, it will become even more important to support these customers with websites that offer easy browsing and purchasing opportunities on a mobile platform.