Making the Most of Yandex Smart Banners

Russian Search Marketing takes a look at some of the recent changes and features of Yandex smart banners to help advertisers better reach their audience in Russia. Yandex smart banners are interactive banners with dynamic content that are pesonalized  for each individual user.  The ads are auotmatically created through an advertiser’s product feed.

A few weeks ago, Yandex announced that smart banners are available to all types of businesses, after originally being built for specific product advertising. The Yandex.Direct interface now includes an option listed as “other” in the section on business types.

Yandex also added that in addition to expanding the list of business types that can use smart banners, they considerably increased their launch speed, and made lots of other useful adjustments.

The new option accepts the following feeds in addition to feeds from Yandex.Market:

  • Universal Yandex feed
  • Special AdWords feed
  • Travel AdWords feed

Another key change was improving the process for ad generation.  Yandex shortned the process to launch an ad by optimizing how ads are generated from feeds and  the quality checks during moderation.

Yandex also announced that there is a new option to edit the ad titles that are automatically generated.  Advertisers can pull text from any field in their feed for ad titles.

Another important change to smart banners over the last few months was the introduction of a special template for Yandex smart banners that allow advertisers to advertise their product in greater detail even before users visit their  site. For example, ads can include the type of material the product is made of, different angles and photos of the product, as well as available sizes and colors. Yandex.Direct is able to distinguish shades of color, so products will appear when they are relevant to a search query. For example, a user that searches “emerald green” shirt will see shirts that color. All  product information will automatically be added to  smart banners from the param field of the YML feed.

Ads also enlarge when a user’s cursor hovers above it, which will help users get a better view of products. Users will be able to more closely examine the pattern of a fabric or the cut of a pair of jeans before clicking on your ad. When a user clicks on ads, they will be taken straight to the product page on the store’s site.  When creating ads, advertisers can also specify which products are in stock to further improve their conversions.

Yandex smart banners are useful in drawing previous site visitors as well as new users. Advertisers can target their audience by adding filters like “Viewed products on my site” or “Showed interest in similar products on the internet.” Yandex.Direct recommends using the “Both groups” options to maximize reach. If you want to learn more about smart banners, check out the Yandex.Direct help section here.