Search Engine Success for Yandex Turkey’s Linguistics

We at Russian Search Marketing, like the rest of the search engine world, are impressed by Webcertain’s strong assessment of the presence and impact of Yandex in the Turkish Internet market.  In the article, “Head to Head: Can Linguistic Advantages Help Yandex Beat Google in Turkey?” Umay Jones analyzes the challenges and successes of Yandex entering a non-Slavic international market.  By first assessing the Turkish alphabet and language, Jones outlines which barriers search engines face to provide an effective search experience for users.  To display these challenges, the article proceeds to summarize a number of tests conducted both on Google and Yandex on the Turkish versions of their sites.  The linguistics tests included search queries, search volume, and search results for grammatical adaptations.  Ultimately, Jones concludes that Yandex does a better job recognizing and understanding the Turkish word structure, which will prove valuable as Yandex continues to develop its presence in Turkey.