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Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers recent updates from the Yandex.Metrica blog. Yandex.Metrica, Russia’s leading web analytics tool, is a free web analytics tool that offers customizable reports for webmasters and many additional benefits for Yandex.Direct advertisers. Recently the Metrica blog looked at how an online furniture store doubled their conversion rate using Yandex.Metrica, how to track conversion using online and offline calls with Yandex.Metrica, and how to use Yandex.Metrica to analyze your conversion funnel.

From screen to screen: cross device conversions:

A new feature is now available in Yandex.Metrica – the beta version of the cross device report. This report allows you to track the conversions of customers who have visited your site from several devices. For example, users first visit your site from a mobile device, then later return on a desktop computer and place an order. The cross device report allows you to assess the contribution of different device types to the conversion process and more efficiently allocate your budget to each marketing channel.

How doubled their conversion rate with Yandex.Metrica: is a furniture website that was having difficulty with sales despite having launched a website design that took a lot of money, effort, and thought. Although there was a lot of thought put into every single detail of the site, it was not performing well and the conversion rate was around 0.15 percent. Founder and general director of Duvan, Anton Makarov, used Yandex.Metrica to find UX flaws. Yandex.Metrica was able to help Makarov locate the main issue in their sales funnel by watching session replay recordings to find out why people would not complete their purchases, and study the performance of their online order form. After finding these problems, was able to fix the troublesome spots of their website, which ultimately doubled their conversion rate. See the full case study here.

Online + offline + calls: track any conversion with Yandex.Metrica:

Now Yandex.Metrica is able to also help you to import and track offline conversion for situations when customers place orders online but purchase the product in person, or find a service on the internet, but call the business over the phone. This allows you to associate customer behavior online with their offline actions. This will better allow businesses to comprehend their customers’ journeys, as well as see the impact of different traffic sources. You can also used goals and segments from offline for conversions and calls for ads in Yandex.Direct. This will help reconfigure campaigns for ad networks, set up the proper bid adjustments, and maximize your conversions with the goals set in Yandex.Metrica.

Analyze each stage of your conversion funnel with detailed multi-step goal segments:

You can now use Yandex.Metrica to create segments based on each stage of a multi step goal. This allows users to study customer sessions that did not result in a complete conversion. For example, an online user added the product to their basket, entered in their delivery info, but did not complete the order. The multi step goal segments can also be used in Session Replay on Yandex.Metrica.

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