International Coffee Day: What’s the grind in Russia?

Today is International Coffee Day – hooray! Stay caffeinated! Russia isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when thinking of heavy coffee drinkers but surprisingly Russians love for coffee isn’t that far behind their love for tea.

According to Yandex.Wordstat results, Russians search for “coffee” 860,000 times per month. This is a bit surprising.  Yandex saw approximately 1,200,000 queries for tea this past month, still making it the dominant hot beverage but not too far ahead of coffee.

As more international coffee retailers maintain popularity in Russia like Starbucks and locals enjoy java at popular Russian chain cafes like “Coffee House” and “Schocoladniza,” it appears more are turning to coffee and not the traditional chai.

Although the rise of Internet popularity in Russia helped facilitate the import of coffee to Russia,  flavor blends aren’t a thing yet.  It doesn’t appear women are  flipping out on social media about the release of pumpkin spice coffee  -the coffee world is a bit more simple.

Quite frequently you will see Russians mixing instant coffee from packets with hot water or using  French presses; your average coffee pot is a rare sight.  However, you will also see coffee vending machines that whip up espressos when you enter rubles and place a small plastic cup under the spout.

So which coffee brands are Russians drinking the most?  The following list consists of the most popular coffee brands and their country of origin.

1.Jacobs – Germany

2.Jardin – Korea

3.Lavazza – Italy

4.Nescafe – Switzerland

5.Melitta – Germany

6.Squesito- Italy

7.Tchibo – Germany

8.Julius Meinil -Austria

9.Black Card – Russia

10.ILLY – Italy


Clearly, coffee is not Russia’s thing but foreign brands have contributed to the increasing popularity of the hot beverage.