Increase Down Funnel Conversions with Ad Video Extensions Improvements

Default video extensions are continuing to perform well on Yandex; their clickability and conversion ratings are higher than those of Text & Image ads. But Yandex wanted to see if these results could be improved on even further.

In this article, we’ll explain what Yandex did to make video extensions even more effective as a means of establishing high-quality contact with users. Then we’ll look at how they can be used to improve the conversion rate along your sales funnel.


  • Clip length increased from 10 to 15 seconds. This duration makes your brand and message more memorable. Our research shows that clips between 10-15 seconds have the highest view-through rate.
  • The navigation button is now bigger, more noticeable, and displays throughout the entire clip (so that the user can click on it right away).
  • Sitelinks now look like icons so that it’s easier for users to understand that they are clickable.
  • In default video extensions, the aspect ratio of your image now affects the animation design. For example, if the ratio is 16:9, the animation will be horizontal, whereas if it’s 9:16, it will be vertical.
  • Default video extensions have now been adapted for vertical players. Now they take up the the whole screen on a mobile phone to improve the quality of contact with the user.
  • The background color of the video extension now changes depending on the color palette of the image. Thanks to this, an ad with a backdrop will appear more cohesive and ads will be easier to differentiate from each other.

According to Yandex data, these changes may improve the performance of default video extension by four-fold.

 If you are invested in improving your video extension performance, Yandex recommends adding your own custom videos to your ads. If your smartphone has a high-quality camera, for example, you could film a clip about your products. Or, you could purchase an appropriate stock video or make an animation out of photos you took. A unique video will help you draw the attention of potential customers and make your offer stand out among your competitors, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

How video extensions help you convert more users as they move down your sales funnel

Video extensions can play an important role in your sales funnel. You can use display ads to increase your brand awareness and then use video extensions to further peak their interest.  Video extensions with navigation buttons contain concrete offers and work well with audiences who are at a lower stage of the sales funnel (in comparison with classic display ads). And just as with any other Yandex.Direct ads, you only pay for clicks.

For example, let’s say you already served a display ad to your target audience in order to increase your brand’s popularity and now you need to hold on to their interest. You can create Text & Image ads using creative (make sure that you set a positive bid adjustment for displaying video extensions), and then configure your campaign to retarget users who already saw your display ad (which can be done using a Yandex.Audience pixel). That way, you can establish more solid contact with users and reinforce their impressions of your brand.

Video extensions display on the affiliate sites of our Video network. The sites in the network typically attract audiences who are more amenable to watching video clips, and video ads represent a limited part of the content there. This audience complements the audiences comprised of people who search for things and consume content on media sites. By addressing all these audiences, you manage to hit the relevant cross-frequencies that are so essential for any advertiser.

In short: use all the features of video extensions to reach your audience at important stages of the sales funnel and get the maximum return from your ad campaign.