Getting App Installs with Yandex.Direct: LINK Messenger Case Study

With growing mobile phone use in Russia and the rise of mobile applications, its become increasingly important for app developers to market their products and services to users to install their apps. In addition to advertising in the app stores, there are a few other great options including Yandex.Direct in Russia.

Yandex.Direct has helped tons of apps to reach their audience in Russia. One such example is LINK Messenger, developed by IGG.COM, which is an app that allows you to chat with friends and family. The app has 10 million installations worldwide, and has an average rating of 4.3.

This past year, LINK Messenger worked with Yandex.Direct to increase the number of app installations. There are many messaging app options in the Play Market, which creates a lot of competition for installation. This has encouraged app developers to find new methods of attracting their target users, and therefore increasing their installations. LINK Messenger found a solution with the help of Yandex.Direct.

App Developers, among many other eCommerce businesses can benefit from this case on Yandex.Direct targeted installations of a mobile app with a low CPI.  Download the case to learn more about how LINK Messenger adjusted their Yandex.Direct campaign settings to drastically improve the installations of their mobile messaging app.

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