Russian Daily Internet Use Tripled

Over the past decade the Internet has significantly changed the way Russians live their lives.  Technology dependency has become second nature to most Westerners and it is now starting to truly impact residents in Russia.

Internet penetration in Russia currently stands at 54.4%, leaving significant room for more people to start using computers and mobile devices in the coming years.  Of the 142.5 million Russians, 77.5 million are using the Internet.

Based on Russian Public Opinion polls, the trends are not only pointing to increased Internet use but also greater frequency and reliability on the Internet.

Not only have more people started using the Internet but they are getting hooked. Russians’ frequency of Internet use has steadily risen since 2006.  At that point, 76% of Russians polled in the Russian Public Opinion Poll never used the Internet.  Today, that number has dropped to 34% as more are utilizing the web for everyday needs, entertainment, and news.

In the past five years, daily Russian Internet use as tripled .  Since September 2011 alone, daily Internet use in Russia has grown by 16%.  While the weekly and monthly users have remained consistent, it appears that approximately half of weekly users upped their Internet time in the past two years to daily use.  The other half of weekly users started using the Internet on a monthly basis and were joined by a portion of new Internet users.

However, based on the original data from VCIOM, it seems there isn’t a major shift in the weekly and monthly users but a different interpretation on how to split the figures for weekly and monthly users.   According to VCIOM data, the weekly and monthly users grouped together have remained on average at 20% of polled Russians for the past three years.

Infrequent or non-user numbers are diminishing as more and more Russians log on to their computers, tablets, and smartphones as part of their daily routine.