Free Website User Testing? Yandex has got that!

Like everyone else who builds and manages websites, the team at has our favorite set of analytics tools to see how users are responding to our site.  We can easily see impressions, clicks, referrers, time one site, page views….the list goes on and on.

But at the end of the day it is sometimes hard to tell how users are actually interacting with the site.  What are they looking at on a page?  Where does their mouse go?  What are they highlighting?  Where do they pause on a page?

All of these additional insights usually take additional analytics tools and additional effort.  But Yandex.Metrika (Yandex’s free analytics tool with an English language interface) offers Webvisor.

Webvisor is a free tool that allows you to see in almost real-time what your users are doing on your site.  You can filter and group users in Webvisor based on almost any dimension (location, goal conversion, etc) and watch how they are interacting with your site.  The quick video below is from Webvisor and shows just how much information can be gained by seeing what your users are doing on your site:

Learn more about Yandex.Metrika and Webvisor over at their product home page!