Mindset and consumer preferences shifts for FMCG products in Russia

How Russian buyers currently approach shopping for FMCG products, and how retailers can increase Q3 sales, online and offline

Nielsen Russia experts continue to monitor changes in FMCG consumer behavior in Russia. In the past, we’ve published summaries of their research on how FMCG retailers and producers plan to adjust their priorities in Q3Q4 2020, as well as on the changes in online FMCG consumer behavior. In this post, you’ll find out more about the FMCG consumer behavior shifts based on Nielsen Russia research and expert predictions of which promotion strategies might be successful in the summer of 2020 (read the post in Russian here).

Mindset shift for FMCG shoppers in Russia: new shopping frequency and goals

Nielsen Russia surveys show that the majority of respondents shifted their shopping approach from buying products for same-day consumption to shopping for FMCG products on a schedule:

  • in 2019, 36% of respondents were buying products they needed for the same-day consumption, with only 15% continuing to shop in this manner in 2020
  • in 2019, 14% of respondents were shopping weekly or monthly, but in 2020 25% of respondents shifted to this schedule
  • similarly, in 2019 only 11% of respondents were shopping for meal prep ingredients, but in 2020 21% of respondents were looking for these products in shops

FMCG producers have been adapting to this change by increasing package sizes:

  • 26% of FMCG products on the Russian market are offered in larger packages
  • 65% are offered in packages of the same size
  • and 9% are offered in smaller packages
Changes in FMCG package size, %

Changes in FMCG package size in Russia in 2020. Source: Nielsen Russia

FMCG product categories likely to grow in summer 2020 – and strategies to drive sales

According to Nielsen Russia experts, beauty products that were experiencing a slump in April 2020 compared to 2019 are likely to experience an increase in demand.

Similarly, for FMCG food products, Q3 is likely to be influenced by seasonal changes in consumer behavior. Products like ice cream, iced tea, and beer are likely to benefit from higher demand.

At the same time, Nielsen Russia research shows that 31% of consumers are looking for FMCG product promotions, which can be an effective way to drive sales – but up to a point. Data shows that FMCG promotions led to additional sales in 53% of cases in 2018, but only in 46% of cases in 2019.

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