Fashion’s Six Top Challenges and Opportunities for Ecommerce in Russia

eConsultancy wrote an excellent summary of the top six challenges and opportunities for online fashion retailers looking to enter the Russian market.

Fashion is currently one of the fastest growing and largest industries for Yandex and presents great opportunities for those willing to understand and invest in the Russian market.  Currently online fashion retailing is growing well over 40% and now is the time that many international retailers have chosen to look carefully at the Russian market.

eConsultancy cites the following six major challenges and opportunities for Russia:

    • Delivery messaging in search ad copy

    • Delivering to remote locations

    • Competition on your brand terms

    • Varying internet speeds

    • Yandex.Market

    • Social is influential

These six topics match very well with the concerns we hear our clients talking about every day.  It is very exciting times for international fashion retailers and we would highly recommend you read all the details of eConsultancy’s article to learn more about the details.