Russian Fashion Industry Report: Footwear 2014

Let’s go buy some shoes! Whether it is as basic pump, a winter boot, or the latest sneaker trend, Russians are on it! Footwear actually plays a very important and noticeable role in Russian culture.  Russian society has an infatuation with dressing their feet and more importantly, keeping them clean.

Russians really take great pride in their footwear, and why wouldn’t they? Shoes are often a staple worn daily, so it only makes the most sense to buy a pair or two that look good.  It’s not necessarily about having tons of shoes but a few pairs of shoes of good quality and style.

Almost all Russians keep shoe shine and a brush near the entrance to their home. This is partially due to streets being dirty but also because Russians always take pride in their appearance with well-ironed clothes and clean and shined shoes.

When it comes to purchasing shoes, it depends on the customer and the season.  For instance, interest in the footwear category increases 1.6 times in autumn but drops off a bit during summer months.  The footwear category produces a relatively stable amount of queries.  Recently, there have been minor drops in the overall category for “Clothing, shoes, and accessories” but intent query dynamics for footwear rose by 13% in the past year.

For an in-depth understanding of the Russian footwear market, check out this exclusive Yandex fashion market industry report focusing on the footwear category. This December 2014 report offers the following information:

  • User interest growth and forecast
  • User interest by location and region
  • User interest in Russian and international online fashion retailers
  • User interest dynamics in shoes for men, women, and children
  • Interest by types of shoes and seasonality

Download the full report below