Russian Ecommerce

Industries and how they apply to e-commerce in Russia require careful consideration. As with any effort, the subsequent promotional efforts to support said effort, the targeted audience must be understood. In this section, we’ll look at some of the hottest e-commerce industries in Russia and provide useful information on how best to appeal to those industries.

  • Fashion Industry

    With Russia representing the largest online retail market in Europe, the Russian Fashion Market is best characterized as one of high demand.

  • Travel Industry

    The Russian Travel Industry is one of promise and tremendous growth potential. Air ticket, Hotel and Packaged Tour markets have all seen increased consumer interest.

  • Gaming Industry

    While the Russian Online Gaming space shares the dedication from its contributors that rivals any of the international markets, the behaviors of their contributing audience are a bit unique.

  • Automotive

    The Russian Automotive Industry is one of wild turns and frequent developments. Careful focus is needed to best operate in this space.

  • General Ecommerce

    Ecommerce in Russia has been growing rapidly, and are expected to continue to grow dramatically in the coming years.