E-Commerce on the Rise in Russia

It isn’t news that the popularity of online shopping is growing worldwide but in light of of a recent data report by Gemius [in Russian], you’ll want to start turning your attention to e-commerce in Russia.  Although traditional shopping proves popular in Russia, recent trends indicate that Russians are now turning to online shopping to meet their needs.  Today, 70% of the online audience in Russia visits e-commerce sites resulting in 48.4 million monthly users.

Since 2013, Russian e-commerce has grown by 30% with a current daily audience of 9.5 million people.  Visitors to e-commerce sites currently average 25 minutes per day online shopping, driving in 269 daily page views, according to Gemius analysts.

While e-commerce shopping is popular among male shoppers, women prove to spend more time making online purchases as 54% of e-commerce visitors.  Not surprisingly, the majority of these shoppers are between the ages of 25-34 years old.  Similarly, employed Russians make up 61% of the online shoppers.  Almost a third of the e-commerce shoppers can be found in the central district but there still online shopping activity is recorded nationwide.

Of the top 20 e-commerce sites, Avito, Yandex.Market, and IRR.ru (translates to “From Hand to Hand”) receive the most traffic.  However, men and women maintain different e-commerce activity.  Women most frequently visit the sites of Yves Rocher, Avon, and Bon Prix, while men shop on Exist.ru,Vseinstrumenti.ru (translates to All Instruments) and Qiwi.

e-commerce in Russia_english graphic