Digital Billboard Advertising in Russia

Yandex recently began selling digital advertising space on Russian digital billboards. Yandex’s initial partner in this project is Gallery, and there are approximately 100 billboards currently taking place in the auctions. The project will allow advertisers to reach customers when they’re in their cars or walking around the city, and in environments when they’re less likely to be accessible via desktop/laptop and mobile advertising.

Yandex’s technology not only makes it possible to measure the size of the audience reached by these ads, but also equips advertisers with anonymized data about said audience.  Advertisers can then glean interest and demographic characteristics, and create advanced retargeting segments. Savvy advertisers will be able to reach a potential customer while he/she is sitting at their work computer, and then again while he/she is driving home for their post work commute.

Auctions for this outdoor space will resemble those for the online advertising space that we’re all accustomed to.

“We are creating a one-stop platform where advertisers can work with different formats at all stages of the sales funnel. Currently Yandex.Direct offers contextual advertising, smart banners, video ads, and display advertising. Soon advertisers in Yandex.Direct will be able to run cross-media campaigns including outdoor advertising via the auction model,” said Leonid Savkov, commercial director at Yandex.

For now, interested advertisers can send a request via or contact their Yandex Account Manager. As is often the case with new tools, early adopters of the offering could secure a leg up on their competition.

Advertising options continue to evolve, and Yandex continues to create products to reach the 145 million potential customers in Russia. Yandex has international offices located in the US, Switzerland and China to work with international advertisers interested in increasing their reach and growing their global brand. Stay tuned for additional developments.