Digital Advertising Trends in Russia: Ural Region in 2020

Current digital advertising online trends and top industries by ad clicks in 2020

In one of our previous posts, we covered a Yandex event on digital advertising trends, ad traffic breakdown, and in-demand industries in the Siberian Federal Region. In this post, you’ll find the same information for the Ural region. In this Yandex presentation (you can view the Russian recording here), Angelika Boykova, regional senior client manager, shared data on the region’s paid advertising trends.

2020 advertising traffic trends in the Ural region

In analyzing trends, the following regions were included in the breakdown in addition to the Ural Federal District:

  • Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Permsky District
  • Orenburg Oblast

Advertising traffic growth in this region was in line with average growth across Russia (+21% and +20% respectively).

56% of advertising traffic in 2020 in the Ural region came from mobile phones and smartphones, with mobile traffic growing by 53% in the Ural region, and by 49% in Russia on average. Angelika Boykova mentioned that mobile ad traffic grew even for B2B searches.

Key advertising traffic trends for the region:

  • 58% of ad traffic was from smartphones
  • 53% of ad traffic was to the websites of advertisers on the Yandex Advertising Network
  • Direct traffic grew by 21% for 2019-2020 (YoY)

Advertising trends in the Ural region: trending searches in Q4 2020

Towards the end of 2020, Ural residents focused their online searches on three  topics: car-related topics, real estate, and online purchases. The breakdown of the most popular queries across those 3 topics is as follows:

  • Car-related: cars, car parts, driving schools, car accessories
  • Real estate (for city residents): renting and buying apartments, studio apartments, new condominiums
  • Real estate (outside cities): construction, rental houses in the countryside
  • Online purchases: laptops, business attire and accessories, perfume

Highest-growth industries by ad click growth in the Ural region in 2020

Although the top industries are similar to those in the Siberian Federal Region, there are also some differences in industry growth in the Ural region.

The highest-growth industries by ad click growth in October 2019 – September 2020 (YoY) are as follows:

  • Legal services: +50%
  • Media and advertising: +42%
  • Medical services: +39%
  • Education and employment services: +39%
  • Renovation services: +36%
  • IT and telecommunications: +32%
  • Consumer services and restaurants: +32%
  • Automotive services: 26%
  • Home and garden: +26%
  • Sporting goods: +25%

On the other hand, top industries by ad click volume are slightly different. Ural residents click on ads most often when researching the following products and services:

  • Automotive products
  • Construction products
  • Home and garden
  • Media and advertising
  • Clothing and footwear
  • B2B
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Education and employment services
  • Medical services

In our next posts, we’ll cover the digital advertising trends for the Far Eastern and Volga Federal Districts. You can read our previous post about digital advertising trends in the Siberian Federal District here.

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