Digital advertising trends in Russian regions: Siberia

Digital advertising trends in Siberia, ad traffic breakdown, and in-demand industries in 2020

In many research articles that Russian Search Marketing covers, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, along with Moscow Region and Leningrad Region, are in the spotlight. This is not surprising: in many cases they are ahead of the curve in new consumption trends and online behaviors. However, residents of other Russian regions are also a viable market for a variety of advertisers. Yandex has been conducting a series of online events highlighting digital advertising trends in different Russian regions. In this post, we’re going to cover 2020 digital and consumer behavior trends in the Siberian Federal District (you can watch the full webinar on in Russian here).

Siberia: digital advertising trends and user behavior

In 2020 ad traffic in Siberia grew by 22% over 2018-2019, with mobile traffic increasing 1.5 times. In this region, mobile traffic constitutes 60% of all advertising traffic. As Yandex experts point out, this makes website optimization for mobile display and slow connections especially important.

Digital advertising trends in the Siberia: ad traffic growth, 2019-2020 (%)

Digital advertising trends in the Siberia: ad traffic growth, 2019-2020 (%)

It would not, however, be accurate to characterize smartphone users as predominantly young. On the contrary, they include both younger generations and older audiences upgrading their old phones.

Lyubov Polina, the Yandex regional director for Siberia and the Far East, pointed out that smartphone users approach searching for information and products differently from desktop users, as they tend to be frequently interrupted or might be multitasking.

She recommends setting up retargeting and multi-touch campaigns, as well as focusing on creating memorable collateral to drive recognition.

Trending industries for ad clicks in Siberia

Based on Yandex.Direct data for the period from October 2019 to September 2020, compared to October 2018 to September 2019, the following industries have seen increased ad clicks:

  • Legal and consulting services: +69%
  • Medical services: +56%
  • Construction and renovation services: + 53%
  • Education and job search: +50%
  • Real estate: +49%
  • Consumer services and restaurants: +45%
  • B2B: +45%
  • Construction and renovation goods: +42%
  • Home and garden: 39%
  • Finances and insurance: 39%

Lyubov Polina points out the following customer interest trends:

  • e-commerce purchases
  • construction, including DIY products
  • real estate transactions
  • remote medical services

Siberian buyers in Q4 2020: seasonal demand

According to the webinar, Q4 2020 search trends and purchases are likely to stay in line with customer behavior from previous years.

Yandex data shows that November brings more searches for seasonal products. December is the time to search for gifts and items Russians need to ring in the new year. In 2020, however, Lyubov Polina predicts that customers are going to start searching for holiday goods and gifts earlier and spend more time on finding the perfect gift for their loved ones.

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