New Customizable Yandex.Direct Display Links

Digital advertisers in Russia can now edit Yandex.Direct display links in their ads. Display links are the links in ads that lead to advertisers’ sites. As all practiced advertisers know, the more relevant the ad is to the actual landing page, the better it is for the user and for the success of the ad in the auction. By customizing the display link, advertisers can help users better understand what they may be clicking as opposed to just a common domain name.  According to Yandex tests, customized display links proved to increase CTR by an average of 307%

Below is an example of a Yandex.Direct ad with a customized display link.

yandex direct display links

Previously, ads only showed the domain name of the redirect page. For example, an ad would show instead of the new version that is more detailed like

With the new custom options, Yandex.Direct advertisers can now add more text beyond the domain name, using words relevant to the content of the landing page. Such additions and edits could include a keyword, the name of a product or service, or a shortened name of the landing page. Ultimately, edits should include anything that will attract additional attention to advertisers’ sites and help customers better understand what they’ll find when they click on the ad.  Yandex.Direct provides templates to help advertisers create their display links.

In our example the display link would look something like this: orмобильная-реклама.

The display link is shown in Yandex search results on desktops and mobile phones, in all ad blocks and in any position.  Display links can also be used in dynamic ads, which automatically generate custom text based on the landing page.

Advertisers can add or edit display links in the Yandex.Direct interface.  Bulk changes or  multiple amendments can be made using using XLS/XLSX files or the API.  This function will soon be available in Direct Commander.

Detailed information about working with display links can be found in the Yandex.Direct help section.