How good is the customer experience in Russian online stores?

Data Insight and AWG report evaluates the customer experience across top Russian retailer websites

Russian retailers have been developing their online presence throughout 2020 (we wrote about the Russian e-commerce market here and here), and are constantly improving their online stores. Data Insight and AWG recently published a new rating (available in Russian here) in which they evaluated the customer experience of Russian buyers at the top 100 e-commerce stores of retailers present on the Russian market to see which websites were ahead of the curve.

Rating categories for evaluating customer experience

In this rating, Data Insight and AWG were evaluating retailer e-commerce stores based on the following criteria:

  • customer experience
    • how easy it is to make changes or cancel the order
    • customer support quality and availability
    • availability and quality of product descriptions
    • loyalty program access online and offline
  • advanced technology: app and website interfaces
    • load speed
    • features
    • lack of technical issues
  • delivery experience
    • different delivery methods
    • order tracking features
    • option to update delivery methods after order completion

Retailers included in the rating represent a variety of industries, from groceries to consumer electronics, clothing, footwear and accessories stores, cosmetics, and renovation and household supplies.

The retailers were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • retailers with the highest sales volume based on 2019 data with developed online and offline channels (sales volume determined based on publicly available information)
  • no purely online retailers were included in the rating, even if they had pick-up locations, such as
  • no retailers without any online purchasing capabilities
  • no companies relying on distributor networks for sales

The final rating includes 100 companies (you can view the full list online in Russian here).

10 Russian retailers with the best customer experience

  1. Sportmaster (sporting goods)
  2. Rendez-Vous (clothing, footwear, and accessories)
  3. Komus (business supplies)
  4. Petrovich (household and renovation products)
  5. Perekrestok (groceries)
  6. M.Video (consumer electronics)
  7. DNS (consumer electronics)
  8. 36,6 (pharmacy)
  9. OBI (household and renovation products)
  10. Re-Store (consumer electronics)

10 most tech-savvy Russian retailers

  1. Detskiy Mir (kids products)
  2. Adidas (sporting goods)
  3. CHIP I DIP (consumer electronics)
  4. Ikea (household and renovation products)
  5. Leroy Merlin (household and renovation products)
  6. M.Video (consumer electronics)
  7. Komus (business supplies)
  8. Vse Instrumenty (household and renovation products)
  9. Zara (clothing, footwear, and accessories)
  10. Chitay-Gorod (books)

10 Russian retailers with the best delivery experience

  1. Perekrestok (groceries)
  2. CHIP I DIP (consumer electronics)
  3. Vse Instrumenty (household and renovation products)
  4. Dochki-Sinochki (kids products)
  5. Re-Store (consumer electronics)
  6. Globus (groceries)
  7. Adidas (sporting goods)
  8. LOVE REPUBLIC (clothing, footwear, and accessories)
  9. Auchan (groceries)

A word from retailers: future plans and different approaches

In addition to presenting the ranking results, Data Insight and AWG also included quotes from the leading companies, outlining their approach to multi-channel sales.

Sportmaster Omni-Channel Director Konstantin Shagin highlights the following business initiatives at Sportmaster:

  • ensuring shorter time to market
  • improving logistics
  • enabling of digital purchases at brick-and-mortar stores
  • offering pick-up locations for online buyers
  • taking new approaches to product presentation online
  • integrating the loyalty program into the in-app experience

M.Video Managing Director Dagmara Ivanova describes a different approach to developing multi-channel sales. For M.Video, its “one retail” approach means that consumers don’t have to choose between online and offline purchasing, and should be able to use whichever channel happens to be convenient for them in a specific moment.

You can read their comments in full here (in Russian), or download a PDF of the full report here (also in Russian).

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