7 Reasons for Cross border Sales in Russia

In 2015, it was projected that Russia would rank third worldwide in e-Commerce. As Russians trust and comfort with online shopping increases, more cross border sales in Russia are being made. But when it comes to the main motivation of shopping abroad— Russians are looking for the best price.


Why Russian shoppers are buying abroad:

Lower cost of goods: The number one reason Russian shoppers choose to buy products abroad is because they can find more affordable options.  Russians are inclined to make a cross-border digital purchase when they find an appealing offer. For example, better conditions concerning price, terms of payment, and service.

Product availability: Another popular reason consumers shop abroad is because they have access to goods that are not available for purchase in Russia.  Shoppers seek out products and come across them online that are not sold domestically like certain fashion brands that are local in other areas.


Range of products: Similarly to product availability, digital buyers are able to choose from a wider range of products when shopping on another country’s website.

Exclusive products: Russian online shoppers are able to find unique and exclusive products when opening up their online shopping beyond Russian sites.

Quality: Digital buyers are motivated to shop abroad to purchase higher quality goods, compared to what they can find in Russian stores.

Entertainment: Choosing to shop on another country’s website can be exciting for a digital buyer. Shoppers can see what is popular abroad and buy it for themselves.

Fast Delivery: One of the lesser reasons why Russians shop abroad is because of the convenient delivery process. There is a dominant Russian preference to pay on delivery.

What are Russians buying:

According to eMarketer, in 2015 39% of Russia’s online shoppers made a cross-border digital purchase at least once that year. Clothing, accessories, and footwear are the most common products Russian shopper by abroad, making up over 51% of Russian cross-border digital purchases. The second most purchased category of goods are cosmetics, beauty and health products. The leading categories come as no surprise, as Russians hold a high value on appearance and name brands. Some other popular categories Russians look to shop abroad for include toys, electronics, and household goods.

cross border sales in russia

Where Russians are making cross border digital purchases:

Although looking for the best price is shown to be the main motive when making a digital cross-border purchase, Russians still hold a high value on trust and familiarity. 62% of Russian digital buyers make their purchases from sites they have used in the past. Culturally trust and loyalty are important values that Russians can appreciate even when shopping. 48% of Russian digital buyers pick a site because they know the web address for it, and 41% are picking sites recommended to them by friends and family.

russian cross border sales survey