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Show your ads on Yandex to reach the 100 million+ potential customers in Russia.

Market entry is easier than it’s ever been! International advertisers can work with a bilingual Yandex Account Manager for free assistance with English to Russian translation, Ad Builds, Keyword Research/Development, and Campaign Management.

Let’s Work Together

International advertisers may be eligible for complimentary full service assistance from the Yandex International team. Including:  free English to Russian translations, ad builds, keyword research and development, and campaign management.

Reach the largest Internet Audience in Europe

Russia is home to one of the world’s largest Internet audience, and growing by the day.

Ecommerce in Russia

Russia’s eCommerce market has demonstrated impressive growth in recent years, and an increasing number of International advertisers have taken notice.

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Market Overview

Russia is an often-misunderstood market. Download this Russian Market Overview to further your knowledge of the Russian Digital Marketing Landcape.

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Yandex SEM

Yandex is the most used Search Engine in Russia. Stay up to date with the most recent Yandex advancements and new tools impacting advertisers.

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Yandex Training

New advertising tools can be challenging. Use these tutorials to further your familiarity with the Yandex UI and all the tools necessary to thrive in Russia.

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Yandex International

Office Locations

International advertisers can promote products and services in Russia via Yandex’s self-service English language interface, Yandex.Direct. Additionally, in an attempt to make entry as seamless as possible for non-Russian speakers, Yandex has an International team to offer full assistance.