City Day Celebrations: Moscow Day 2014

Whether it is Oktoberfest or local fall festivals, we all look forward to some autumn ales, hay rides, and other celebrations. This time of year in Russia, many locals look forward to some celebrations of their own on City Day.

The celebration is defined as a birthday party for the city, its residents, and of course, visitors. Throughout Russia and Eastern Europe, you can find people filling the streets and celebrating their respective city in a similar fashion.

This one to two day event,  typically happens in a central location of the city but different parks and streets run festivities as well.  Vendors supply plenty of food and drink for locals to enjoy throughout the events, which consists of  national food staples and sometimes served to you by someone dressed up in a traditional costume.

City-goers enjoy parades, musical performances, fireworks, film showings, and multiple festival events like “Festival of Art and Culture,” which includes performances by actors, mimes, and musicians, in addition to art showings.

This weekend Moscovites celebrate the 867th birthday of their city on Saturday and Sunday! By tradition, Moscow celebrates its birthday on the first weekend of September – something that has been happening since the 19th century.  By today’s standards, the initial City Day was a modest event that opened cathedrals for prayer and illuminated the city.

Since 1986 the city day celebrations started following a routine similar to the expected 2014 plan for Moscow Day.  Festivities will be capped off with a grand firework display in the center of the city!  Residents mark their calendars for the special city day events throughout the region every year, making this a special tradition that can’t be missed!