Yet Another Update: Recent Yandex Launches and News

Our colleagues at Yandex constantly work to make the experience of users and advertisers as simple and efficient as possible. Here is the most recent update on noteworthy developments for Yandex products, Yandex.Direct, and Yandex.Metrica.

Yandex.Direct Quality Score: Yandex.Direct now displays a quality score of 0 to 10 based on campaign settings. Advertisers also receive recommendations for improving the quality score and performance.

Yandex.Metrica 2.0 Released: Yandex launched an entirely new interface with improved analytics and even more flexible analytical tools.

Yandex.Money and Simtech Launch Merchium: Together Yandex and Simtech created a cloud service where users can create their own online store.  Merchium’s built in check-out uses Yandex.Money and the e-commerce site runs on CS-Cart software.

Yandex.Market Children’s Category Launched: Yandex.Market now features a page for one of the fastest rising e-commerce categories, children’s goods. Last year Russians spent over 24 billions rubles on goods from strollers to back-to-school supplies in this category. The site sells tens of thousands of products from 2630 stores.

Yandex.Disk Goes Offline: Now both iOS and Android users can access files on their Yandex.Disk without access to the Internet. Users can now work and listen to music on plane rides or other areas they may not have WiFi.

SpeechKit Cloud Service Introduced: The new Yandex product for speech recognition was designed for those who want to make their products respond to human voices. SpeechKit runs through Yandex servers and recognizes Russian and Turkish.

Joint App Shop with Velcom: Yandex teamed up with Belarusian mobile operator Velcom to launch AddApp mobile applications online store. The app, which mainly offers free applications like social networking apps, is available or all Android 2.3 or higher and OS versions of smartphones and tablets.

Yandex Browser Manager Updated: Yandex Browser Manager, which protects users against any unexpected changes, now allows users to control browser extensions.  The service not only protects your set homepage and private searches but also changes to the system’s host files when installing changes and changes in desktop shortcuts.