Case study: lead generation with Yandex.Direct video ads

Optimizing Yandex.Direct video ad format to attract leads: what worked and what didn’t for this Russian center

In the past Russian Search Marketing has presented different success stories of companies using Yandex.Direct to attract new leads and convert them to clients (recently we gathered several of the case studies in one post for your reading convenience; you can find it here).

In a new case study from Yandex’s Russian website (read it in Russian here), KORD clinic, an eye center based in Kazan, launched a lead generation campaign to attract a specific audience with video ads.

In this post, read a summary of the case study to find out which Yandex.Direct video ad format performed best, and how KORD clinic attracted new leads on a limited budget by working with experts from the ad agency Velas.

Challenge: generating more leads for a newcomer to the eye clinic market in Kazan

Velas ad agency helped KORD clinic experiment with various ad formats, and established that video ads were the best format for driving calls from the target audience.

Given that KORD clinic had a limited budget to spend on ads, Velas ad agency decided to launch a campaign focused on driving traffic to the website instead of running a brand awareness campaign. Since most people want to find out more about medical services before scheduling a visit, it made sense to choose calls as one of the primary campaign KPIs.

Yandex.Direct video ad formats: optimizing for maximum impact

The ad agency decided to start with the easiest way to run video ads on Yandex.Direct – video extensions, e.g. videos automatically generated from an ad text with some visuals and text effects.

As this ad format didn’t bring the desired results, the next step was testing product video ads with visuals from Yandex’s library of collateral.

When this format also did not result in a significantly higher number of click-throughs, the next ad iteration included not only custom visuals, but also copy overcoming the most common customer objections. Meanwhile, the special offer terms stayed the same.

Using Yandex.Direct video ads to bring in website traffic: results

Results showed that targeting worked, and video ads attracted the audience that KORD clinic was hoping to engage.

In addition, custom video generated the most results (2% of calls to the clinic for the campaign period), and outperformed the text ads, as well as the video extension and stock video ads.

You can view the full ad here, or take a look at the visuals in the Russian article.

Trends, advice from experts, and setting up your ad campaigns

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