Black Friday checklist to optimize your ads for selling in Russia

How to make the most of your advertising efforts, from ad verbiage to retargeting and segmentation

Russian Search Marketing wrote about preparing for Black Friday sales in Russia previously. In this article we follow up with a Black Friday checklist from Yandex (a downloadable PDF in Russian is available here) to prepare for a successful Black Friday promotion in Russia.



Black Friday checklist. Step 1: optimize your ads

These tips will help you improve CTRs and get more visitors to your website:

  • Start advertising early and mention Black Friday in your ads. In 2018 43% of buyers had a list ready before Black Friday and then bought something in addition to the goods on their lists
  • Indicate brand name, discount amount, and location to increase click-throughs
  • Make sure your ads are set up to be displayed 24/7
  • Take into account that most of the Black Friday searches are made from mobile devices
  • Optimize for brand-related searches
  • Make sure to include complete information
  • Add location targeting: in Moscow, 65% of residents plan to search for Black Friday deals; the same applies to 57% of Saint Petersburg residents. For cities with populations over 1 million and towns with populations between 100K and 1 million people those numbers are 63% and 62% respectively
  • Be literal to stay on trend: make your Black Friday ads black to attract attention with stylish, creative, and dark-colored visuals
  • Make sure that your website will be able to handle high-volume traffic and set campaigns to pause if your website becomes unavailable
  • Optimize your website to decrease loading time across various devices to make sure none of your potential buyers bounce while waiting for your website to load
  • If you see high bounces for mobile visitors, consider creating a Turbo page for mobile traffic


Black Friday checklist. Step 2: reengage and retarget your audience

Make sure to segment your website visitors based on their behavior and whether or not they made a purchase.

Some ideas to implement:

  • Bring back website visitors who browsed your website, but didn’t make a purchase
  • Send reminders to website visitors with abandoned carts (those list-making advance shoppers who might have forgotten about your products)
  • Offer complementary products to previous buyers
  • Get in touch with regular buyers and offer them BOGO deals

Black Friday checklist. Step 3: prepare for the Black Friday rush – tips on handling high-volume sales and support requests

Both for call centers and for delivery service, Black Fridays can be a bit of a challenge. To meet customer expectations, consider the following Yandex survey results:

  • 26% of respondents expect to receive furniture bought on Black Friday in less than 2 weeks, 19% are ready to wait for it for up to 1 month
  • for food and beverage products, 33% expect same-day delivery, and 35% are willing to wait for 1 or 2 days

A tip from Yandex: a lot of Russians choose not to benefit from Black Friday deals because they believe that many vendors were raising prices in advance to create the illusion of a great deal.

The more transparent you are about your pricing strategy and discounts, the more likely you are to attract more buyers.

Don’t forget to mention your Black Friday sale in advance, send out reminders to buyers with abandoned carts during the sale period, and run campaigns for “extra” products that would complement purchases.

Detailed research on the Black Friday behavior of Russian users conducted by Yandex is available here.

If you need help with setting up your Black Friday campaigns for Russian buyers, our team is here to help.