Beta Cross Device Report in Yandex.Metrica

During the most recent YAC – an annual SEM conference organized by Yandex – Yandex announced a new beta report in Yandex.Metrica – Cross-device.

When a user starts their research on a mobile device, and then purchases the product on a desktop, the conversion is attributed to a desktop device. So, in Metrica browser-cookie based reports, the mobile device, traditionally, doesn’t get any credit for this conversion unless UserIDs (this connects data from multiple sessions and assigns to a single user) are passed. A new report will attribute such conversions to “Users of both desktop and mobile”.

The newly introduced report helps advertisers understand which users convert better – only desktop, only mobile or uses relying on both devices – which ultimately helps more efficient budget distribution across platforms. If you set up ecommerce in Yandex.Metrica then the report will also show revenue data along with conversion data. Please note that the report will only be available if your website had at least 100 applicable users – users who have used multiple devices and whose sessions have been successfully connected – within the last week.

Unlike in all other Yande.Metrica reports, a user in a cross device report is not equal to a browser session. All user visits from all devices and all browsers are connected, therefore the total number of users communicated in this report will be more representative and actual. As such, the number of users shown in this report will likely be smaller than the number of users shown in other Metrica reports that recognize recognize User X on mobile, and the same User X on desktop, as two different users.

Connecting sessions relies on Yandex’s in-house technology, Krypta; Krypta analyzes anonymous user behavior on different devices to assign devices to one unique user.  If Krypta doesn’t have enough data to make the connection with confidence such users won’t be shown in the resulting report.

The report will be most helpful for analyzing performance on different devices. However, you can also use the report data to create segments to be used for retargeting or LaL in Yandex.Direct.