Chances are strong that your favorite TV show is also just as popular in the average Russian household. Russians have a plethora of uniquely Russian shows that air on popular TV networks TNT and STS as well as on social networks. Locals of course appreciate Russian humor, native phrases, and popular national actors when they watch Russian TV series.

Russians watch the local popular shows like, “Interns” and “Kitchen,” which have maintained a significant audience across Russia. In addition to TV series, Russians also enjoy talk shows such as “Let them Talk,” dating shows such as  “Let’s Get Married” and reality TV like “Home 2.”

However, Russians take as much interest in foreign-based TV series despite the audio challenges of voice-overs and Russian translations.  As ranked on “Афиша Mail.Ru,” a site about movies, TV series and TV shows, Russians enjoy shows from all over the globe but especially the US.

Afisha, which is also the biggest online-cinema on the Russian-language Internet, lists the most popular TV series based on an online voting system from their users who selected the following top 10 shows:

1.Sherlock (UK)

2.Games of Thrones (USA)

3. Krik Sovi (RU)

4. House (USA)

5. Friends (USA)

6. Fargo (USA)

7. Breaking Bad (USA)

8. Homeland (USA)

9. Seventeen Moments of Spring (Soviet Union)

10. Prison Break (USA)


russian tv series

The comprehensive top 50 television series includes 36 American TV series that range from the 1983 “The Thorn Birds” to modern day “Game of Thrones.” Three Russian shows and two shows created during the Soviet Union also topped the charts.   The Scandinavian show “The Bridge” and the South Korean series “Boys over Flowers” also made the top 50 list. Russians found a total of seven UK based shows to their liking, including “Luther” and “Jeeves and Wooster.”