Beauty products e-commerce segment in Russia in 2020

Online sales of beauty products in Russia: leading brands, purchasing and delivery trends across regions

In 2019, beauty products were one of the growing segments of the Russian e-commerce market. According to this 2019 article, 10% of beauty product purchases were done online, with 30% of sales going through mobile apps. 2020 accelerated the trend: in this survey conducted by Migel Agency in spring 2020, 69% of surveyed beauty product buyers were planning to continue buying cosmetics online. Given that cosmetics and perfume are one of the leading gift categories for the Russian holiday season, we’re providing a summary of several articles about the beauty products segment in advance of holiday shopping.

Beauty products: one of the most fragmented e-commerce sectors

Leading cosmetics brands in Russia

According to the Beauty Online report by Omni Solutions (quoted in this article), in 2019 the top 4 online beauty brands in Russia were:

Ile de Beaute website screenshot

Ile de Beaute website. Source:

L’Etoile website screenshot

L’Etoile website. Source:

Rive Gauche website screenshot

Rive Gauche website. Source:

Yves Rocher website screenshot

Yves Rocher website. Source:

This report from lists the following brands’ e-commerce stores as market leaders:

However, online marketplaces have also reported some staggering growth numbers. According to this report on retail trends in this market segment, in 2019 the health and beauty product category was the fastest-growing on sales grew by 265% compared to 2018. In April 2020 sales of lipstick on Ozon grew by 47% compared to the same period in 2019, and lip gloss sales grew by 185% over the same period.

On Wildberries, another popular marketplace in Russia, the sales increase was even higher: beauty product sales in April 2020 were 3x higher than in April 2019.

According to Heads&Hands experts quoted in the article, the beauty products sector in Russia will primarily grow through e-commerce, with apps and digital services, such as personalized recommendations, leading the way to sales.

Geography of sales in Russia and delivery preferences

In their recent report on sales of cosmetics and perfume across Russia, Data Insight experts provided information on the regions with the highest sales for this product category, as well as information on consumer preferences for payment options (you can read more about payment options and preferences here).

The regions with the highest cosmetics and perfume sales numbers are, perhaps not surprisingly, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Krasnodar (a city in Southern Russia), with Moscow and Saint Petersburg residents initiating 28% of online orders across Russia.

The purchasing trends across Russia are in line with the traditional winter holiday shopping spree timeframe: the highest sales volumes for beauty products fall on November and December, followed by a January slump. However, Data Insight experts mention Nizhny Novgorod as an outlier where perfume and cosmetics are in demand in January and February, when most Russians are done with their beauty product shopping.

As for payment methods, eastern regions are more likely to choose pre-payment as an option, but across Russia the volume of prepaid orders rose in 2020 to 58% of the total online order volume. Similarly, delivery to a home address instead of other delivery methods increased to 62% for online orders (you can learn more about Russians’ preferred delivery methods in this post).

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