Badges on Yandex SERP

Article on Badges on Yandex SERP  originally from the Yandex Webmaster blog

As the internet has developed, the volume of information and number of sites has exploded. The level of competition among providers of similar services has likewise risen steeply and
users have to choose among many options with similar snippets. In these situations, any special labels that give the user more information about the site’s contents or popularity can be useful. These badges can help users make decisions when viewing search results.

The image above is  how badges look in the search results for Wikipedia.

Popular site
A site gets this badge if it attracts a lot of traffic and has a dedicated audience.

User’s choice
Sites that are highly engaging and that have a loyal following (according to Yandex data) get their own badges.

Navigational answers
Badges are assigned in situations when there is a high degree of certainty that the user was searching for that exact site. For example, if someone enters [Wikipedia] or [Facebook], it’s very likely that they were searching for those exact sites. These queries are referred to as “navigational.”

Verified profiles
A badge may display if a page corresponds to the verified profile of a person or organization in a social network (based on the network’s own data).

Official Yandex.Directory sites
A site will get a badge in the Yandex SERP if it is the official site of a government organization according to Yandex.Directory data.

Official dealers
A site will get a badge in the Yandex SERP if the organization is listed as an official dealer at

Organizations from the Russian Central Bank registry
Sites get a badge if they are included in the Russian Central Bank’s National Register of Microfinance Organizations or the Register of Insurance Companies.

Yandex services
The official sites for Yandex services get their own badges. You can view the full list of badges in the Yandex Webmaster Help.

Badges are assigned based on how users behave on sites and may attest to overall user trust and satisfaction with those sites.
If a site has at least one of these badges, its snippet in the search results may display a corresponding label.
Our special algorithm determines if a label will display and selects the most appropriate one in cases where a site has multiple badges. You can see which badges a site has on its dedicated Webmaster page.

Links to the site’s Webmaster page are also available in the Yandex SERP. Yandex may expand the list of available badges in the future.