Back to School in Russia 2017

Russia’s “Day of Knowledge” is quickly approaching, which also marks the first day Russians go back to school. Back to school in Russia begins with the “First Bell” ceremony on September 1st. This ceremony usually consists of the school congregating in the schoolyard for the first bell of the academic year. The small ceremony is supposed to celebrate the importance of Russian education, and some students will bring small gifts such as treats or flowers to their teachers to show their appreciation. Similar to the United States, back to school prep picks up towards the end of the summer, when parents begin to buy new clothes and school supplies for their children’s return to school.

Shopping for back to school in Russia:

Yandex.Market children’s goods category has a special school page to help parents and students prepare for the 2017 school year. Major shopping categories to consider for back to school shopping include:

  • Backpacks and bags
  • Notebooks and stationary
  • Writing utensils and cases
  • Electronics for studying
  • School uniforms and clothing

In addition to the basic school supplies and clothes parents have been purchasing for decades, electronics and special course material are now popular items among students. Desks and chairs are also useful categories on Yandex.Market for teachers, schools, parents, and after-school programs. Yandex.Market also has categories for teachers preparing for back to school in Russia. These categories include:

  • Work
  • Painting
  • Educational literature

These categories include classroom supplies for teachers to used throughout the school year. Some examples of items for teachers to purchase include colored paper and cardboard, modeling clay, embroidery floss and string, and even clothes for work lessons, such as smocks and aprons.

Some of the most popular brands for back to school shopping on Yandex.Market include the backpack brand Grizzly, and the leather goods brand CROSS. Popular writing utensil brands include Parker, Waterman, PILOT, COPIC, Edding, KOH-I-NOOR, and Faber-Castell. Popular brands for office and school supplies include Erich Krause, Action!, Index, Hatber, Phoenix, Herlitz, Berlingo and BRAUBERG.